Sunday, November 10, 2013

TJ's Cycle is now closed.

It's been a week since I set foot in TJ's yard to drop off a bottle of single malt Scotch, a favorite of owner Mark Blundell as I say good bye to him and company. I will truly miss the days I would scour the wrecking yard with my son who was only four on his first trek in search of that one part that would get me ever so closer to finishing my latest custom motorcycle, we would both always come away with something! With the increasing presence of ebay and crappy auction style tv shows that pollute our cable, people think they can get a part cheaper somewhere else. Problem is they forget about the high cost of shipping us Canadians face and secondly, to actually hold the part you need in hand for a few bucks more vs playing Russian Roulette on the same part coming from another country I find ludicrous! TJ's had to deal with all these kinds of losers. Calgary is an expensive place to run and own a small business, this I know all too well! If you find you're one of these people, then you just paid the price of not having Calgary's last and only motorcycle salvage and service shop around. I as well as my son will truly miss those great mornings of wading through the rows of sun soaked bikes.



  1. thats too bad i bought many great parts from him :(

  2. When I wanted a few things done on my Harley, everybody said it couldn't be done. Stopped in at T.J.'s and Mark said no problem. He did what I wanted and charged me a more than reasonable price. He got a broken knuckle for his troubles (poor guy) but he and his staff were great. They will be very missed....good luck guys where ever you may roam....

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  4. I bought my first bike from TJ's and never stopped riding or coming back. So very sad to see it go :( Thank you Mark and staff for assisting a newbie become a seasoned rider. You will be missed.

  5. Greasy. Mark loved trashing his customers. I've irked him so much apparently he feels the need to trash my motorcycle and other Google reviews of which he has no relation to. Keeping acting like a little drunk child mark. You want to saw those words to my face? Then stop being a drunkard and man up you coward. You really pissed me off. Your little whiney attitude shows it by your consistently whining about my Google reviews. If you were actually good at your job, you would be business. But you're not so good riddance.