Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forming | Canadian Custom Fabricator

Derek poses with Kent White (the Tinman) of TM Technologies

On March 30 Derek travelled to California to attend a 3 day metal forming workshop with the famous Kent White (also known as the Tinman) of TM Technologies. The intention was to fill in some metal-forming knowledge that is integral to what Derek now does but also to gain experience in a classic field of "hands-on" shaping that is uncommon in this day of automated manufacturing.

TM Technologies is located in a densely wooded and private patch of land near the Yuba River about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento California. The fresh air and scenery was worth the trip alone but the workshop and personal hospitality just made for an amazing experience. And not to forget Renee is an amazing cook as well as handling details for the trip over the phone.

One of the pieces that Derek worked on

Kent is a great instructor, taking the time to make sure you understand what you were doing and why the metal moved the way it did. Kent is not only patient with his students but seems to bring out a desire and excitement in them to really show they are understanding the process. "In my opinion this is a rare situation in most training facilities these days," say's Derek.

In all there were 5 students in attendance at the workshop (car guys, artists) including Derek who felt that he was able to keep up to guys who already had some background in shaping metal, not too mention the only Canadian (eh!).  In addition to the students were the regulars at TM Technologies; Christina, Tom, Kristi and Laura who was extremely helpful in suggestion just what tools Derek should take back with him (just for a start).

The crew and other students at the metal-forming workshop

"This workshop was extremely valuable and it could only have been done with one of the best metal-forming masters in North America. The trip was more than worth it, my only regret would be that I did not do this 10 years ago". ~ Derek Pauletto.

For more information and to get an idea of just what kind of a contribution Kent has made to the industry, go to his website at: tinmantech.com .