Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rocky Mountain Section | Salt Flats Project

On May 15th Derek was invited to a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group to show of the Salt Flats Project Bike (Raquel). There Derek was able to talk about the project and his reasons for doing it. The evening turned out to be a good time and everyone who was there enjoyed seeing the bike and asked a lot of questions. It is so great to see a group so dedicated to vintage rides and to have the energy they do.

What's just as exciting is the fact that the RMS (after private deliberation) offered to be a monetary supporter of the project and is generously covering our race fees for the week. Obviously the momentum is building and the project is not just about what we are doing. It's about the desire to live passionately and to follow through on an idea, no matter how crazy or difficult it may seem. We have great people supporting us and we are honoured to be a part of this amazing community of authentic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Make sure you check out the RMS group at their website below and if you see these guys at a show or a ride, say "hey" and talk to them briefly about their rides. The history is rich and the people are interesting. Thank you Rocky Mountain Section - CVMG.

Stay tuned....some additional news to share in a few days that we are equally excited about.