Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Official!

It all comes down to this, an AMA Land Speed certificate! Hard work, late nights, money, help from friends and family and sponsors has paid off with a 125.703 mph record in the books! I feel a slight bit of relief and closure as I reflect back on this summer as the year winds down, and can't help but think how it could have been so different had I just given up, only just a bit. I've learned time and time again, to keep pushing and your efforts will pay off. Now, to get back to work on beating that record next year!!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

TJ's Cycle is now closed.

It's been a week since I set foot in TJ's yard to drop off a bottle of single malt Scotch, a favorite of owner Mark Blundell as I say good bye to him and company. I will truly miss the days I would scour the wrecking yard with my son who was only four on his first trek in search of that one part that would get me ever so closer to finishing my latest custom motorcycle, we would both always come away with something! With the increasing presence of ebay and crappy auction style tv shows that pollute our cable, people think they can get a part cheaper somewhere else. Problem is they forget about the high cost of shipping us Canadians face and secondly, to actually hold the part you need in hand for a few bucks more vs playing Russian Roulette on the same part coming from another country I find ludicrous! TJ's had to deal with all these kinds of losers. Calgary is an expensive place to run and own a small business, this I know all too well! If you find you're one of these people, then you just paid the price of not having Calgary's last and only motorcycle salvage and service shop around. I as well as my son will truly miss those great mornings of wading through the rows of sun soaked bikes.


Monday, November 4, 2013

125.5 MPH....

The title reads the record I set at the 10th BUB Speed Trials this past August 26th. Apologies for not posting any results on this blog sooner, I was using the Trillion Industries Facebook page as it was more convenient at the time. Please check out the link here to find out how I almost didn't make it 30 hours prior to leaving for Bonneville! Also, grab yourself the October issue of Classic Bike magazine! Mark Gardiner wrote a great piece, describing just days before my trek to the Salt Flats.