Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update | Calgary Customs and Fab

Well it's been a very busy and interesting year for us at Trillion Industries . Like anything else in this productive province we have grown in what we do. The Salt Flats trip was an experience, we have learned much from the Project "Raquel" bike, and we have met lots of great people and developed many awesome relationships. It's been a great year to say the least. Derek and the crew would like to thank everyone for their involvement with our projects, our awesome clients for continued support of what we do, and our partners for keeping the standards high. Along with the thank you we want you to know what we are up to for the next few months...

"There are currently four motorcycle frame-off customization jobs on the go due for this spring which includes:
- A ground-up modern modified bevel head Ducati 350 single.
- A ‘71 Honda CB500 Cafe with single side swingarm sporting a spoked rim 240 tire with sport bike suspension.
- A Yamaha XS650 Cafe conversion
- A pre-war Triumph 350 twin resto with an original Norton Girder fork swap.

And for spring start-up projects:
- 1958 BSA 650 Plunger frame custom one-off
- 1952 Triumph 650 Pre-Unit custom
- The re-do and upgrading of Raquel- New front suspension, transmission, riding position, more dyno tuning and pushing the limits of the turbo system. This year we see the addition of nitrous oxide!

All some other non-bike related projects:
- New Prover trailer unit- designed for calibrating liquid pumping stations and trucks that’s certified by Measurements Canada
- Lighted LED towers- designed by Trillion for the industrial/construction development sites

Plus all the day-in and day-out business of repair, modification tokeep everyone rolling smoothly.
2013 will bring new ideas to develop for Trillion, if we all live past Dec 21 that is! :) "

~Derek Pauletto~