Wednesday, June 20, 2012

History - Canadian LSR project

History is more than just the past, more than just what's coming out the tailpipe as we move forward. History is also what is in the making. We live (some of us) in the present which is really the only thing that is tangible; what is happening now whether we think we are in control or not. And time itself, really at it's essence is just a man made concept or perception. Even so, history is very real to us as it is a record of where we have come from and in some cases a guide-post as to where we are going.

Our latest sponsor is based on history and I believe the relationship we have is also history in the making. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics has generously contributed towards a very key component on the race bike: a Bob Newby belt drive system (in our opinion and others, the best primary drive you can get).

For over 10 years Greg Williams has been a rich source of information and history about British Vintage, and has written many great articles about Derek in newspapers and magazines that have garnered positive exposure in his career and business. Derek and the team would like to thank Greg and Linda of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics in their support and continued friendship as we make history on the Salt August 25th to 30th, 2012!