Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Update !!! Mags and Shows!!

Well I hope everyone out there has had a great holiday, this has been a good year and as you might tell from the silence on the blog, we've been very busy.

A lot has happened since our trip to the Salt Flats at the end of August and right now Derek is gearing up for the 2012 Calgary Motorcycle Show. In November the CB 650 was featured in Motorcycle Classics so if you haven't seen it yet you better rush out and get a copy before they are gone. Again Greg Williams has put together a well written piece and providing interesting insight into Derek's artistic history. Derek will also be one of the Q & A features for the Herald's Driving Section for the 2012 CMS so be sure to look for that.

Make sure you get out to the show this year, the finishing touches are almost complete on the show bikes and it's shaping up to be an interesting weekend. And stay tuned to the blog as we will be updating frequently now and during the show.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Great Start | Calgary Custom Builder

Our trip to the Salt was a success and everybody had a great time. It was a good idea to go down and experience the event first hand and most of the questions we had about the build, staging, and technicalities of the speed trials were answered. Derek even had the chance to chat for a few minutes with Denis Manning (Owner and Pres. of BUB Racing), and spend some time with fellow Canadian builder Roger Goldammer.

Although there is a long way to go, the team now has clear direction for next years attempt and will soon be posting information on how you can be a part of Trillion's AMA record attempt. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Class | Calgary Custom Bike Builder

The project begins - the vintage Triumph and front triangle

This weekend Derek will be taking a small crew of motorcycle and fabrication specialists to the Bonneville Slat Flats for the annual BUB Motorcycle Speed Week. The idea behind the trip is to get a feel for the event and prepare the team for 2012 when Derek will be entering his own creation and actually open up a new class with a supercharged vintage Triumph. While in Nevada, Derek will be sending out updates (via twitter) about speed week and his thoughts on setting new records in the open 650 AMA classes during the 2012 speed trial season.

Make sure you check back here often and follow our twitter feed @derekpauletto for all the latest on this awesome project.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Addition To The Family

Last week a long awaited piece of equipment showed up at the shop. The Dynasty 350 is the most state of the art welding power source available, the perfect compliment to our precise tig work. The 350 will now be supplementing the work of our original Dynasty 300.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Motorcycle Classics | CB 650 Modern Cafe

Recently sat with Greg Williams (contributor for Motorcycle Classics Magazine) for an interview featuring my 1979 CB 650 Modern cafe racer. This is the first time my work will be in a US national bike magazine and I am excited to see the article in the next few months.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Beginning Of An Exciting Project

On Friday the 13th of this month a couple of us from the city took a small trip to Wendover, NV for a little recreation time but admittedly, with some ulterior motive. It's nice to get a chance to fly to this casino hot spot in the middle of nowhere but the thing about it is, nowhere is awfully close to the Salt Flats.

We got in to Wendover around 7pm and went straight to "The Rainbow" (our casino -hotel) for dinner and then to hit the tables. The next morning we took a Bonneville Salt Flats tour and an ATV Trek through the Leppy Hills of Utah with Intermountain Guide Service (1-877-882-4386). Brian, Kelly and Mr. C were wonderful guides and I highly recommend checking them out when your in Wendover.

As quick as it was, I got a taste (literally put my lips to the ground) for the salty stretch of Bonneville and I now know for sure that I want to make a land speed record's in my blood. Overall it was a good trip, the town of Wendover has great hospitality, food and casino's. Well worth the experience!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Now on Twitter | Calgary Custom Fabrication

Hey! We can now be found on Twitter. Our feed is to the right of the blog and we will now be posting regular information and updates on our work and shop. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Great Show | Calgary Custom Fabricator

Once again the Trillion Booth at the Calgary Motorcycle show has been a major hit. This year Derek and Chad have the CB and Derek's new Triumph "bobber" project on the floor and this bobber has been stopping people in their tracks. You have to get down to see this bike, it is clean and simple yet elegant.

Derek would also like to thank all of his loyal customers, friends and future clients for stopping in to see him at this years show......

....including the Amsoil Girls.....