Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can Of Fuel

If you are interested in supporting the team on the salt in Bonneville and getting down the track then here is your chance. Next time your in at Trillion Industries, throw in your $50 for a can of fuel or race fuel (before August 23rd) to show your backing Derek and the team. We will make sure you get a signed 8x10" metallic print of the bike on the salt as a thank you.

You can use your paypal account here to send $50 for a CAN O' FUEL! to (

Monday, July 22, 2013

Modern Motorcycle Mechanics

Super proud to announce today that Greg Williams and Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is supporting us for this years attempt on the Salt.
Greg Williams (l) and Derek Pauletto (r)
Greg is always a great supporter of what we do and it has been a pleasure knowing him throughout the years. Greg stopped by the shop today for a few minutes to see the bike and what Derek has been up to. Looking forward to sporting our new Nicholson Bros. shirts on the salt. Make sure you check out Greg at the link to the right and show him some love.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

33 And Counting

Thats right racing and motorcycle fans!! 33 days, 19 hours until we leave for Wendover Nevada for this years BUB Speed Trials. We are very excited and stressed obviously as it is coming up fast and we have some major building left to get the bike race-ready.

Some cool news though as far as the technical side goes. We are using a new computer for the bike and the company backing it is proving to make things far easier on us this year. We will be rolling them and our other partners out in the next few weeks as we gear up for the trip.

Another technical aspect to mention is the fact that this year we know we are in a position to benchmark a new record in class and the challenges we had last year of a half-finished bike are behind us. Many aspects where tested last year and we are ready to get down to business and finish out with return runs.

Stay tuned here for news and information how you can help us out and be a part of the history of this project.