Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Happening | LSR Update

Time for an important update about the project Raquel LSR bike we are taking down to BUB this year. Derek has been pouring hours of his own time, labour and expenses into this amazing project and the bike is looking sharp. Images of the first major stages will be coming shortly but if you didn't get down to this years Motorcycle show you should know that the frame, wheels and intake system have been established.

Anyone who has had anything to do with motor sports knows that racing of any kind can be a very costly endevor. As much energy and time, blood sweat and tears we put into this project - we just can't pull it off without the generous support of our major sponsors. Over the next few weeks we will be profiling our sponsors who have chosen not only to support the build on the bike, but who are making great effort to help us put our best into making this a monumental event.

The first great partnership we want to introduce you to is:


Aaron Machine has CNC'd the rims and hubs as well as the extremely technical intake parts. Along with a few other miscellaneous parts, Aaron Machine has also supplied the custom water-jet hardtail brackets and flanges.

Owner/Operator Mohammed has been very accommodating with parts and schedules and is happy to be a major sponsor of the project. Brendan Nickle has been integral in the water-jetting/machining aspect, allowing seamless workflow from Derek's ideas and computer solid modeling to the machining stages. Brendan's understanding of the manufacturing process and easy-going attitude has taken some of the stress out of major design issues. And one more important name when it comes to real finesse and manual machine work, Steve Lane has proven himself for years as someone who knows their trade intimately and can solve machining problems in a classical way.

To say the least we are extremely excited to have Aaron Machine on board with us and be a part of what we feel is an important event. Of course seeing this rolling work of art, racing at high-speeds across the burning salt will be exciting, but it's also about challenge. It's about a great idea that gets followed through, using all of our disciplines, talent, ideas and energy. To do something that 99 % of the population just wishes they could be doing.

Aaron Machine can be found at:
7008 5th St. SE Bay C
Calgary, Alberta


"... I'm so glad to have a relationship with a company that I work closely with for my own business as well as the fun stuff like experimenting with racing machines". ~ Derek Pauletto