Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update | Calgary Customs and Fab

Well it's been a very busy and interesting year for us at Trillion Industries . Like anything else in this productive province we have grown in what we do. The Salt Flats trip was an experience, we have learned much from the Project "Raquel" bike, and we have met lots of great people and developed many awesome relationships. It's been a great year to say the least. Derek and the crew would like to thank everyone for their involvement with our projects, our awesome clients for continued support of what we do, and our partners for keeping the standards high. Along with the thank you we want you to know what we are up to for the next few months...

"There are currently four motorcycle frame-off customization jobs on the go due for this spring which includes:
- A ground-up modern modified bevel head Ducati 350 single.
- A ‘71 Honda CB500 Cafe with single side swingarm sporting a spoked rim 240 tire with sport bike suspension.
- A Yamaha XS650 Cafe conversion
- A pre-war Triumph 350 twin resto with an original Norton Girder fork swap.

And for spring start-up projects:
- 1958 BSA 650 Plunger frame custom one-off
- 1952 Triumph 650 Pre-Unit custom
- The re-do and upgrading of Raquel- New front suspension, transmission, riding position, more dyno tuning and pushing the limits of the turbo system. This year we see the addition of nitrous oxide!

All some other non-bike related projects:
- New Prover trailer unit- designed for calibrating liquid pumping stations and trucks that’s certified by Measurements Canada
- Lighted LED towers- designed by Trillion for the industrial/construction development sites

Plus all the day-in and day-out business of repair, modification tokeep everyone rolling smoothly.
2013 will bring new ideas to develop for Trillion, if we all live past Dec 21 that is! :) "

~Derek Pauletto~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Right From The Salt

Derek and "Raquel" have been invited by the CVMG and will be down at the Millarville Race Track for the 10th Annual Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet this Sunday (Sept 9, 2012). Make sure you get down there and see the Land Speed Record Triumph that Team Trillion took down to the Salt this year.

We haven't even washed her yet....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Story Starts Here

The crew arrived back in Calgary this morning obviously very exhausted but extremely happy. We managed to do something that most people just dream about even with the constant challenges and set-backs we had in the last 6 days.

Trillion Racing Team members Chris Taggert, Derek Pauletto, Kurtis Kristianson, Chris Hart.

It's a long story but I managed to shoot a lots of footage that will eventually be made into a mini-doc that should be out around Christmas. Also a lot of still images that will end up here as we update the blog now that we are back.

Stories are always better when there is some kind of drama but I have to say we did not plan the crazy events that unfolded during the last few days in town and while we were on the salt. Constant break-downs, loss of oil pressure, breaking parts, major modifications without tools... ...we did it all. Derek was extremely cool through the whole process and our crew as a whole worked their ass off to think outside of the box and use their experience to make things work. 

Derek Pauletto in the timed mile on the mountain course.

There is no way things are going to run smoothly when you are dyno tuning your build and engine only hours before you leave town. Not too mention the fact that the bike was only 95% complete before we left. No slacking here, just constant hold-ups on parts and building that were out of our hands during the weeks prior. When the bike ran it had wings. After only a few runs the bike had a signature sound that was unmistakable around the pits and Derek quickly dusted off his racing skills from the past, getting to 107.094 MPH (unofficial). 

Unfortunately in the last hours at Bonneville the electrical problems became too much and the bike could not get out for the final return run. The Impound crew was extremely gracious and supportive as we tried desperately to make our return before the 4 mile closed. In the end, all the little nagging problems caught up with us and we had to step back. Derek and the bike would not make the final return run.

Derek takes a break on the hot salt flats between test runs.

Regardless of the way our story ended, we couldn't be happier about what we managed to achieve in our first year. We learned a lot and actually believe we have such a powerful and well engineered bike that we WILL be breaking records next year. With more time and testing we will return with something solid and have more focus on the racing then on the repairs. Stay tuned to the blog, check out our new facebook page ( Trillion Industries ), and continue to follow the story. Give Derek a shout, email, or tweet and let him know your supporting the adventure. 

Cheers!  K~

Monday, August 27, 2012

Uphill All The Way

Well we've been down here for three days now and it seems that as soon as something works, we run into another issue. These are the kind of things that happen when you drive 1500 km to an international event when you have only 90 % of a bike. Not that the team or those involved have been slacking but when you take on a project of this scope with so little time, you need to work hard to overcome all challenges that come your way.

 Derek pulls away from the support truck at  104.63MPH

Today we showed up at the boat-launch early to get in to a line up to get on the track and couldn't even get out to the pits as we were told that operations were postponed for the day. No racing. Just a massive lake with only a few inches of water would kill a day on the salt. After a few minutes of discussion we decided we had too much to do and just drove out to the pit area. Once out there we just got to work, the place was a ghost town but there was too much to do.

Derek taking a break between test rides while Chris Hart checks values on the program map.

By 5 pm we had fixed a torn clutch cable, managed a bad shifting issue, and tried to work through a partially tuned program map. And still after 5 runs down the back line we managed to hit 104.63 MPH so all the hard work and problem solving have been paying off. We are tired, burnt and happy that we are doing the impossible.

The crew at the start line for a tour with Betty

More pictures and updates will be coming in the next few days but for now it's all about capturing what we came for. Not only a bit of adventure but a chance to finish what we all agreed to be a part of; benchmarking a record in an open class with a bike that defies traditional standards.

Derek relaxing on Salt now flooded by an afternoon thunder shower.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

On The Salt

We got into Wendover this afternoon around 3pm and went directly to the Salt Flats where we met up with Roger Goldammer. The boys got straight into finishing the last few items on the bike to get it ready for tech. Unfortunately the day was already getting late so tech has been scheduled for the morning. Everyone is tired but happy that we are here and have a running bike for the track tomorrow.

There is a 7 am start tomorrow morning and Derek has a racers meeting as soon as we get to the race area. We should be running the bike in the morning and if all goes smoothly we should have something to report for early afternoon. Make sure you send Derek a note and catch him on Twitter. Stay tuned.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's On!!!! Salt Flats Here We Come

After days of problem after problem and continual setbacks we finally had forward movement. It has been so frustrating to keep the shop open while working on the bike and last night when we thought all was good, nothing. Again a late night and then this morning Chris and Reg from RCTS had everything ready to go and then signal from the pick-ups on the crank sensor. Turns out the the shaft that the sensor pips run on was bent and would not even come close enough to work... again we are done.

About a half hour of ideas and potential solutions, the shaft was straightened and the sensor moved in to within .015' thousandths of an inch. The starting dolly was fired up and the bike again rolled in gear with our fingers crossed. BANG !!! she fired up and started to run on it's own. 25 minutes later Reg and Chris were tuning this thing to idle on it's own and you could begin to hear the turbo spool up.

By the time I left the shop today at 3pm the bike could turn over easily with one kick and is running (at this time) fine by itself. We still have lots to do before we go but we are in a place we only imagined we could be by now. We are still on!!!

Happy? Yeah we're happy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make Some Noise | Project Raquel

So there is literally only days left and we are doing what we can to finish the bike. Days are long especially for Derek and even our new technician Chris Hart has been pulling his own hours at the shop with wiring and electronic controls. The stress is on and the trip date is fast approaching.

Strange feeling these days with a lot of people stopping in to check out "Raquel" (the slat flats race bike), seems everyone has positive things to say. "Oh you guys can do it", or "it'll happen, you guys are good at last minute projects". The problem is we are good under pressure and as much as we appreciate everyone's support, we know that we have to pull the rabbit out of the hat and make this thing like a miracle. This time for real, and not only complete the build but run it at least twice across the hot and bare salt.

Right now there are no "what if's", only a target  that we have to hit doing 130 MPH in 10 days. Derek is focused and those who are close to him have stepped back to let him work. There is also no such thing as a problem. Only challenges thrown at us every day which is basically another chance to use our skills and experience to design, build or work-around another road block. No dropping the ball, we are too busy working on success.

So while we are spending late hours at the shop turning ideas into historical reality, we are asking anyone who is following this blog, Derek on Twitter, our friends and everyone who just loves living larger than life, to support us by spreading the word. Keep watching this page for updates and follow Derek at the twitter feed above. Make sure you send him some twitter love and lets get as many people checking this out as we can. We need your momentum to finish this so lets kick it into high-gear.


One Week.

We have one week left and I don't need to say it but we are very busy. Derek has been working around the clock and we are hoping to run the bike this week. So far it still looks good but again, there just is not enough time in the day. Below is a test clip from the work we did last week.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Rolling | Salt Flats Project

The chassis is rolling and filming has begun. We have very little time to do this. Here is a quick clip from one of the time lapses we shot today.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bare Bones | Salt Flats Project Bike

Well the clock starts now.

37 days until tech-inspection on location at the 2012 BUB Speed Trials. There is no doubt the pressure is on but whether we like it or not, this is something we are used to. The long slow build up to a project always ramps up in the final days our and team members are always good with deadlines.

The frame returned to the shop today from powder coat and as we unwrapped its simple bare white skeleton the adrenaline began to flow. Derek's vision for the bike is clear but seeing it with paint is extremely exciting and there is no escaping the reality; this is happening right now....


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

History - Canadian LSR project

History is more than just the past, more than just what's coming out the tailpipe as we move forward. History is also what is in the making. We live (some of us) in the present which is really the only thing that is tangible; what is happening now whether we think we are in control or not. And time itself, really at it's essence is just a man made concept or perception. Even so, history is very real to us as it is a record of where we have come from and in some cases a guide-post as to where we are going.

Our latest sponsor is based on history and I believe the relationship we have is also history in the making. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics has generously contributed towards a very key component on the race bike: a Bob Newby belt drive system (in our opinion and others, the best primary drive you can get).

For over 10 years Greg Williams has been a rich source of information and history about British Vintage, and has written many great articles about Derek in newspapers and magazines that have garnered positive exposure in his career and business. Derek and the team would like to thank Greg and Linda of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics in their support and continued friendship as we make history on the Salt August 25th to 30th, 2012!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rocky Mountain Section | Salt Flats Project

On May 15th Derek was invited to a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group to show of the Salt Flats Project Bike (Raquel). There Derek was able to talk about the project and his reasons for doing it. The evening turned out to be a good time and everyone who was there enjoyed seeing the bike and asked a lot of questions. It is so great to see a group so dedicated to vintage rides and to have the energy they do.

What's just as exciting is the fact that the RMS (after private deliberation) offered to be a monetary supporter of the project and is generously covering our race fees for the week. Obviously the momentum is building and the project is not just about what we are doing. It's about the desire to live passionately and to follow through on an idea, no matter how crazy or difficult it may seem. We have great people supporting us and we are honoured to be a part of this amazing community of authentic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Make sure you check out the RMS group at their website below and if you see these guys at a show or a ride, say "hey" and talk to them briefly about their rides. The history is rich and the people are interesting. Thank you Rocky Mountain Section - CVMG.

Stay tuned....some additional news to share in a few days that we are equally excited about.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forming | Canadian Custom Fabricator

Derek poses with Kent White (the Tinman) of TM Technologies

On March 30 Derek travelled to California to attend a 3 day metal forming workshop with the famous Kent White (also known as the Tinman) of TM Technologies. The intention was to fill in some metal-forming knowledge that is integral to what Derek now does but also to gain experience in a classic field of "hands-on" shaping that is uncommon in this day of automated manufacturing.

TM Technologies is located in a densely wooded and private patch of land near the Yuba River about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento California. The fresh air and scenery was worth the trip alone but the workshop and personal hospitality just made for an amazing experience. And not to forget Renee is an amazing cook as well as handling details for the trip over the phone.

One of the pieces that Derek worked on

Kent is a great instructor, taking the time to make sure you understand what you were doing and why the metal moved the way it did. Kent is not only patient with his students but seems to bring out a desire and excitement in them to really show they are understanding the process. "In my opinion this is a rare situation in most training facilities these days," say's Derek.

In all there were 5 students in attendance at the workshop (car guys, artists) including Derek who felt that he was able to keep up to guys who already had some background in shaping metal, not too mention the only Canadian (eh!).  In addition to the students were the regulars at TM Technologies; Christina, Tom, Kristi and Laura who was extremely helpful in suggestion just what tools Derek should take back with him (just for a start).

The crew and other students at the metal-forming workshop

"This workshop was extremely valuable and it could only have been done with one of the best metal-forming masters in North America. The trip was more than worth it, my only regret would be that I did not do this 10 years ago". ~ Derek Pauletto.

For more information and to get an idea of just what kind of a contribution Kent has made to the industry, go to his website at: .


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Happening | LSR Update

Time for an important update about the project Raquel LSR bike we are taking down to BUB this year. Derek has been pouring hours of his own time, labour and expenses into this amazing project and the bike is looking sharp. Images of the first major stages will be coming shortly but if you didn't get down to this years Motorcycle show you should know that the frame, wheels and intake system have been established.

Anyone who has had anything to do with motor sports knows that racing of any kind can be a very costly endevor. As much energy and time, blood sweat and tears we put into this project - we just can't pull it off without the generous support of our major sponsors. Over the next few weeks we will be profiling our sponsors who have chosen not only to support the build on the bike, but who are making great effort to help us put our best into making this a monumental event.

The first great partnership we want to introduce you to is:


Aaron Machine has CNC'd the rims and hubs as well as the extremely technical intake parts. Along with a few other miscellaneous parts, Aaron Machine has also supplied the custom water-jet hardtail brackets and flanges.

Owner/Operator Mohammed has been very accommodating with parts and schedules and is happy to be a major sponsor of the project. Brendan Nickle has been integral in the water-jetting/machining aspect, allowing seamless workflow from Derek's ideas and computer solid modeling to the machining stages. Brendan's understanding of the manufacturing process and easy-going attitude has taken some of the stress out of major design issues. And one more important name when it comes to real finesse and manual machine work, Steve Lane has proven himself for years as someone who knows their trade intimately and can solve machining problems in a classical way.

To say the least we are extremely excited to have Aaron Machine on board with us and be a part of what we feel is an important event. Of course seeing this rolling work of art, racing at high-speeds across the burning salt will be exciting, but it's also about challenge. It's about a great idea that gets followed through, using all of our disciplines, talent, ideas and energy. To do something that 99 % of the population just wishes they could be doing.

Aaron Machine can be found at:
7008 5th St. SE Bay C
Calgary, Alberta


"... I'm so glad to have a relationship with a company that I work closely with for my own business as well as the fun stuff like experimenting with racing machines". ~ Derek Pauletto

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Reception | Canadian Custom Bike Builder

This year's Calgary Motorcycle Show was likely one of the most successful shows we have had since we started in 2007. It was definitely Trillion Industries' biggest showing with a larger booth and at least twice the amount of traffic of previous years. Keeping up our presence at the shows and a continued original work has started to really pay-off for Trillion Industries.

Another draw to the Trillion Booth this year was the fact that we had customs covering four major fields in the industry. Derek's British Bobber (pure rolling artwork), The Bike Called "9" (American V-Twin conceptual), The CB - 650 (a Japanese sport bike living it's second life as a futuristic Euro Cafe-Racer) and lastly project "Raquel" (a full-out land speed race bike for Bonneville Salt).

But the most important part of the show is our fans, friends, and motorcycle industry family. . Derek and the boys thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to see everyone who stopped by to see our work and support us in doing what we are truly passionate about. Without you this show would not have been the success it was. Special thanks to Wade Miller (Too Tall Custom Paint) for coming down from Landis, Sask and our bro Greg Williams for featuring Derek in this years CM Show spot in the Herald.

It's going to be an exciting year! Come back here or follow Derek on Twitter (@derekpauletto) for the latest. Cheers!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CB 650 | Pipeburn

This morning the CB was featured on the classic motorcycle site "". Click the link to view it.